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Spiral Heart Box

Spiral Heart Box
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The Spiral Heart is one of the favorites of all Reliquary Boxes. The lid says
“you are the center of my heart” and the turquoise glass ball goes around the little hand made spiral under the glass in the lid. When you open the lid a small copper square says
“you are the center of my heart” There is not a person who has opened that lid and not
said “ahhh” when they read the inside message.
The little set jewels around the heart, giving it a bit of a Victorian feel are turquoise glass cabachons.
Copper is the 7th year gift of marriage. This box has gone to many husbands and wives over the years. Make it extra special by putting some keepsakes for your true love inside.
Of course no marriage license is necessary to purchase this box. It is just a box of love to give to who ever you love.

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